Our varied courses are laid out to meet any learning need you may have whether, personal growth or holding a multi-person bible study. Each of our courses comes in its own individual binder with lessons and assignments.

**These are not Correspondence courses where you receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course as all course answers are provided. To take a Correspondence course, click the link for our Bible and Ministry School.


Spiritual Enrichment courses

Each of these courses are set up as a complete study course with in-depth lessons to develop the reader on the specific topic. With the Spiritual Enrichment courses, we offer guidelines on how to complete the course. With the purchase of your first course we recommend the optional additional purchase of the following books to accompany your study, “There is Power in the Word” and “Righteousness the Doorway to Power”.


Bible Study courses
These short courses are formatted for croup study or short personal study on a topic. They include reproduce-able fliers to use to share the information about group study if you so choose.

Ministry Development courses
These courses are designed to help further the understanding of Ministry within Ministry Leaders and those who desire to be in ministry.


Five Fold Ministry courses
Through this entire program, students learn about the Five Fold Ministry and its purpose. Each course covers a specific Five Fold office (Section IV covers two Five Fold Offices) as well as an overarching function of the Five Fold Ministry as a whole.

Discipleship courses
This program can be completed as a personal study or in a group setting. There are four individual sections which build upon each other teaching what it means to be a disciple of Christ and personal character that reflects the Kingdom of God. As with Spiritual Enrichment courses, the purchase of the “There is Power in the Word” and “Righteousness the Doorway to Power” books is recommended but optional. For special group teaching options give us a call at 321-263-0352.

**Please Note: Although lesson titles for courses are listed, they should be seen as a guideline for what will be learned in the course and not a definite course lesson listing.**