Kingdom Character: Discipleship IV


This series for both the newly saved and seasoned Christian alike increases your understanding on multiple topics of Christianity as you progress through each book.

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In this final book of the Discipleship series, you gain an understanding of how you can impact the world for Christ. When the Christian gets into the presence of God, we realize that this life is really about, the battle for the souls of people unfortunately, we quickly forget the importance of this. The devil loves to have us become so distracted by the busyness of life and the various circumstances we daily encounter to make us ineffective in the part we are supposed to play in winning souls for Christ. When we stand before God we will have to give an account of where on our priority list winning souls for Him was. Jesus put souls first, because He understood that eternity, Heaven or Hell, and where a soul will spend it (eternity) is the most important thing to God the Father.