Throughout our lives we go through challenges that can wound us, often leaving various types of scars. Some have emotional scars, others are physically scared, while others have psychological scars.  These scars often are reminders of our past that most often affect our future, especially how we deal with and have relationships with others.

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This book not only deals with the wounds, scabs and scars of life, but also identifies where some of them come, such as from Church hurt, criticisms, offences, and misunderstandings.  We find in this book the need to sometimes forgive ourselves for what we feel we’ve allowed to happen, as well as regarding things that we may have done.  
     Scars is not just about the ones who were wounded, but also those who were the instruments that wounded, and caused the scars in the lives of others. There are many who are angry, bitter, and are an emotional mess due to what has happened in their lives, which caused their scarring.  This book doesn’t just identify the issues that cause inner wounds, and scars, but gives direction regarding how to be healed. Coming to the place that we understand how God sees us is the climax of scars, wherein we no longer see ourselves as victims; rather victors.  Be Healed in Jesus Name!!!