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The Church the Army of God


The army of God has been spiritually equipped to conquer the enemy as he tries to rise up against them. No matter how great the Goliath's or giants, the Victorious Armies of the Living God shall not be defied!!! Will you be the one who stands up as a mighty soldier in the army of the Lord?

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the church the army of god.jpg

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God’s army is comprised of men and woman of every race, ethnicity, and station in life.  Some are people you see every day (fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, mailmen, delivery people, cashiers, bank tellers, law enforcement people, teachers, bus drivers, waiters, and more), while others are leaders in government, business, industry, etc….  Each have been given individual commissions that will accomplish a collective purpose.  Its not just Pastors, and other Five Fold Ministry (for many of them are officers in God’s army); rather every day common people who are stationed by God everywhere.  Each person is purposed by God to secure their territory and liberate those who are held captive by any of the enemies devices; whether it be demonic oppression, sickness, drug addiction, poverty, etc….  No matter how great the Goliaths or giants, the Victorious Armies of the Living God shall not be defied.  In the center or core of every soldier in God’s Victorious Army is the Power base of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit.  He is waiting for us to speak the word of victory against the enemy, for Him to empower and bring it into manifestation.