The Holy Spirit


There have been many books written about the Holy Spirit over the many years of Church history, yet this book addresses more than just understanding theoretically who the Holy Spirit is; rather it offers the reader the instructions necessary to have the Holy Spirit active in their life. 

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The Book opens with giving the reader the understanding that the Holy Spirit is an active helper in the lives of those who comprise or make up the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ.  From there we are given clarity of who the Holy Spirit is, both in the God Head (Holy Trinity), as well as to us, and in us.  As the reader is brought to an understanding of who the Holy Spirit is, they are then shifted into understanding the power of the Holy Spirit.  Not only does this book address the person and power of the Holy Spirit, but it also addresses how to be empowered by the Holy Spirit.  This book does not leave us at window shopping about the Holy Spirit, His Person and His Power, wherein we can see what He does, and don’t have access to Him doing it through us; rather we are taken step by step into understanding the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, which is the entrance way for the Christian being empowered by Him (The Holy Spirit).  
     Because there are many people in this hour of the Church who are thirsty to move in the power of the Holy Ghost, this book gives us practical instructions regarding how to be baptized in the Holy Spirit ourselves, as well as how to lead others into receiving the baptism. This book is more than a good read; rather it is an instructional for those who seek to know more of the Holy Spirit, and who thirst to be empowered by Him, in order to do great exploits in the name of Jesus.