Five Fold Ministry

Five Fold Ministry Section III: The Call of the Five Fold


The teachings in this section will propel you to GO!  The office of the Evangelist is examined in this section

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The teachings in this section will propel you to GO!  You will study the anointings that are available to the servants of the Lord. This section will build your faith to expect the miraculous as you step into the call of God for your life.

Includes the Following lessons:  

 • The Greatest Hindrance To Stepping Out In Ministry Is Fear • Reach • How To Strengthen Your Spirit Man Or Woman • Murmuring And Complaining • Commitment • To The World  • God’s View On Homosexuality & Lesbianism • How To Receive An Anointing • Being Established By Faith • The Evangelism Anointing • Right Where You Are Planted • The Kingdom Of God (Heaven) Is Within You • The Healing Anointing • God In The Healer • Healing The Blind Deaf & Dumb • Tell Them I Am Coming Soon  • Basic Steps To Win The Lost • The Reality Of God • Ministering Evangelism By The Word Of Faith • Healing Diseases (Cancer, AIDS, etc) • Preparing To Engage The Enemy • Healing Mental Illnesses Disorders • Expect It • Healing The Human Soul • The Deliverance Anointing • Understanding Your Spiritual Armor • Healing, Restoring, and Repairing Body Parts  • Preparing For The Healing Anointing  • How Do I Keep My Healing • Jehovah Rapha The Lord That Healeth Thee • Miracles Flow Through The Humble • The Dynamics Of A Miracle • The Miracle Anointing • The Intercession & Prayer Anointing • The Miracle Of Healing • The Blood Of Jesus The Reconciliation Factor  • The Name Of Jesus • The Right Of A Christian • The Holy Spirit • Supernatural Evangelism • How To Lead My Your Friends & Family To Christ • Forgiveness   • The Resurrection Anointing • How To Resurrect The Dead • One A Day • The Evangelist I  • The Evangelist II