Five Fold Ministry

Five Fold Ministry Section I: Five Fold Order & Governments


This section will lay out in detail the responsibilities of the Five Fold Ministry as a whole. The office of the Teacher is examined in this section

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SECTION I : The Five Fold Order & Governments

This section will lay out in detail the responsibilities of the Five Fold Ministry as a whole.  You will learn how each gift facilitates the other and the order by which they function. This section also includes teachings that will give you a firm foundation in character. You will also receive teachings on the 9 gifts of the Spirit according to 1 Cor 12. In addition you will receive instruction on basic doctrines of the Christian Faith so that you can complete this course in accordance with the Word of God.

Includes the Following lessons:

• Perfecting The Saints  • Understanding The Gifts of the Holy Spirit • The Word of Wisdom • Mis-titled To Be Entitled I  • Mis-titled To Be Entitled  II  • The Word of Knowledge • The Gift of Discerning of Spirits • Repentance Prepare The Way For The Lord • The Gift of the Working of Miracles • The Gift of Faith • In The Proper Place • The Five Fold Governments  • The Gift of Prophecy • The Gift of Divers Kinds of Tongues • The Five Fold Governments • Repentance Restores Righteousness • Understanding The Five Fold Governments, Jurisdictions & Territories • The Gifts of Healing • The Gift of Interpretation Of Tongues • Understanding The Five Fold Governments, Jurisdictions… • Denominations I  • Denominations II • Denomination III  • Denominations IV  • Denominations V • Denominations VI • Denominations VII  • The Process To Perfection  • The Vessel • Lord Prepare Me To Be A Sanctuary • Discerning The Voice Of God  • Who Is Jesus  • You Must Renew Your Mind • Love • Prayer Proceeds Power • The Baptism Of The Holy Spirit • The Existence Of Devils I • The Existence Of Devils II • It’s a Demonic Spirit • Casting Down Imaginations • Doorways To The Enemy • Existence Of Devils Review Questions • How The Enemy Kills Steals and Destroys • The Declaration Of A Righteous Person • Are Women Allowed To Teach In Christ Or Are They To Keep Silent • Shame Comes Before Honor • Prayer Lays A Foundation For Everything • The Teacher I  • The Teacher II